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Testimonials, comments, etc.

Roland Thibault

Mr Small was great! He would always tell me "Roland, you should become a math teacher". I fought it for years but ended up with my teaching certificate in math. I am currently teaching Academics at LearningWorks YouthBuild in Portland.

Jane Getchell Gildart

I donated today. An elegant idea!

Richard Sparks

Ralph was a great teacher. I agree, his teaching style was unsurpassed, and he would be glad to know that I really did appreciate him.

Gregory Knapton

I can not think of a better teacher to have this honor, for his passion with his subject and how he challenged us to learn to our potential.  I went back to thank Mr. Small after my first semester at UVM as he made my Calc 1 class easy.   

Ed LeBorgne

I definitely feel that the critical thinking skills that Mr. Small developed was a significant factor in what turned into a very successful 34 year career at U.S. Customs.

Alan MacDuffie

Thank you for creating this scholarship fund! I will forever be grateful to Mr. Small for inspiring and motivating me as a student, with effects far beyond the fields of mathematics and computer science. In my sophomore year, he literally woke me up from the fog of academic mediocrity and I took off like a rocket. It is wonderful to see the photos and video of our beloved teacher and coach. I'll be very pleased to send in a donation today!


Sarah MacDuffie

High school and Mr. Small are synonymous for me. Between classroom (3 yrs) and Pi Cone math team (4 yrs) I probably spent more time with him than my friends! He challenged me, made me laugh, boosted my confidence, and gave me a home during those awkward high school years. I went on to major in math and teach for a few years - he was my perfect role model!

Brad Hammond

I am very grateful to Mr. Small for arranging for me to take calculus at USM during my senior year.  I don't know how hard it was sell the idea to school administration in Westbrook or at USM, but he definitely put in some unpaid work to make that happen.  I also want to thank him for teaching me well and all his work in getting the math league going!

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